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Circle Of White Light Radio is now on Patreon

As you may know, it costs money to run a radio show and without donations and support, it's nearly impossible to run it. Over the years on OYM, we had some great supporters which enabled both myself and Steve improve the technology and pass on some of these donations to other groups to help them. We also supported a couple of homeless charities. All the information regarding these donations are available on the OYM FB page.

Well now that myself and Steve are taking a sabbatical and doing our own projects, costs are still incurred on our new platforms.Circle Of White Light Radio Patreon Page

I still plan to help other groups and homeless charities once all the running costs are taken care of. Remember what we said about how easy the solution is - if everyone paid one Euro per month and you had 10,000 people doing that, how many people could be helped? Would you miss one Euro a month?

The solution is easy, not complicated.

So if you what to support Circle Of White Light Radio on a monthly basis, please sign up to Patreon. If you want to give a "one off" donation, please use the Paypal link on the Circle Of White Light Radio website.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support! Onwards and Upwards!

Click Here to visit the Circle Of White Light Radio Patreon Page

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