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Trevor EiversGuest - Trevor Eivers - Sunday 21th July 2019 - Trevor and his team run the annual Open Mind Conference in Dooley's Hotel, Waterford every year. Alan & Trevor chatted about the conference plus Area 51, The Epstein Cause, People Being Falsely Accused Of Things, Show Winners and a mention regarding the conference speakers who are going to be presenting at the conference.

Patricia CoriGuest - Patricia Cori - Sunday 14th July 2019 - She’s been dubbed a “real life Indiana Jones” by fans and the media –an inspiring icon of truth and a living model of the adventurer within us all. Internationally acclaimed author Patricia Cori is one of the most well-known and established authorities on the realms of the mystic, who’s views of the world challenge the status quo and confront the issues that concern us all today. She’s a pioneer of the alternative thought community. She loves to “stretch the imagination” with visions of what might very well be, as science fiction becomes reality every day in our rapidly changing world. With fourteen books, published in more than twenty foreign languages, she has been a key voice in the alternative media for decades, bringing paradigm-busting information to the public since 1996.The former host of the popular radio show, Beyond the Matrix, she has herself been interviewed on hundreds of talk radio and TV programs, including CNN, Coast to Coast a.m., Project Camelot, WABC, Fade to Black with Jimmy Church, Exopolitics with Alfred Webre, Veritas Radio, Playboy Radio, the Urban Journal Radio, KJAC Radio Montreal, 21stCentury Radio, Fringe Radio, Unity FM, and a host of others. She has also appeared in documentary films. Her latest work, The New Sirian Revelations, Galactic Prophecies for the Awakening Human Collective, was released Dec. 5 2017 to the enthusiastic response from her global audience. Twenty years since she first re-connected and attuned to a group of extra-dimensional light beings that her readers have come to know as the Sirian High Council, this collective returns, through Patricia’s dedicated process as their Scribe, with new revelations that affirm the veracity of earlier prophecies, while transmitting new visions for the human race. They affirm that we are ascending through the outer reaches of the fourth dimension into new levels of conscious awareness and parallel realities, as we prepare for our imminent emergence. Their messages delve into crucial issues facing humankind and the planet today, to include the merging of mind and AI, exoplanetary migrations for our species (and what that means for planets that will receive us), coming clean about cloning, the care and feeding of the human soul, and the slipping of the time-space continuum.

John SmithGuest - John Smith - Sunday 7th July 2019 - Why there is a need for the Common Law Court? Natural law principles are the foundation for the Common Law Court; this court has been established as the highest court in the land. The existing judicial system is not here to ensure justice, it is here to protect vested interests and the state. We the people need to understand that the authority lies within ourselves and that the Common Law Court offers the opportunity to hold every individual accountable for their behaviour. It is no longer acceptable for people to suffer while others are rewarded for their abuse of power and trust. As a whistle-blower within the casino industry John made the mistake of thinking that the judicial system and government were there to protect the people. For this naivety John ended up bankrupt, homeless and unemployed. It was then the journey began with the principles of causing no harm, no loss or injury and to remain honourable within your contractual dealings.

Thomas Williams & Randy MaugansGuests - Thomas Williams & Randy Maugans - Sunday 30th June 2019 - Thomas runs his own radio show called the Truth, Honour and Integrity Show every Thursday EST time. Randy also runs his own radio show called Off Planet Radio. Alan, Thomas and Randy covered psychology, Crypto, Iran, Ufology, Manna World Holding Trust and a host of other subjects, a must listen to show!

Dany SearleGuest - Danny Searle - Sunday 23th June 2019 - Danny was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia and is a highly successful spiritual guidance counsellor with a background in spiritual psychology with over 25 years’ experience. Psychic since the age of six, Danny has worked as a reader, meditation instructor and metaphysical teacher. He has run workshops on spiritual development and cleared homes of negative entities. In his early twenties, he underwent a series of out-of-body experiences that revealed the intricacies of the spirit world. Danny Searle In 1998, Danny was featured on the popular Australian Broadcasting Corporation program Australian Story, which led to additional television programs including Today Tonight and A Current Affair. He had a two page spread in the largest distributed newspaper in Queensland, the Courier Mail, as well as articles about his work in the Redland Times. He has also featured in several radio interviews in Australia, the United States, England, Germany, and the Netherlands. Danny has provided personal spiritual counselling and readings for several high-profile celebrities, and in 2013, he qualified as a PSYCH-K practitioner, a discipline combining the sciences of psychology and kinesiology. Danny has three published books, available on Amazon, and produces Path to Ascension, a popular YouTube channel that boasts over 5.7 million views.

Harry Rhodes & Thomas Brown / David NoakesGuests - Harry Rhodes & Thomas Brown / David Noakes - Sunday 16th June 2019 - Harry Rhodes has been a Writer of Patents for 18 years, an inventor for 15 years and has been researching chemtrails for 6 years. One of the highlights of Harry’s career was when he made David keith run off stage only to be dragged back on by the host in front of some of the world`s top geo-engineering scientists for evading Harry’s question of the genocode reaction of mercury in our bodies having a catastrophic reaction with his aluminium sulphate aerosols. Harry Rhodes Harry also gave a presentation at the chemtrail summit Vancouver USA with Terry Lawton and toured the whole west coast USA doing presentations of Etheric Translators. He now have a worldwide team who work together, Etherically, healing the atmosphere. David Noakes and his partner Lynn are being brought to court with the possibility of jail for producing and selling GcMAF which has cured thousands of people from cancer. Big Brother does not want people competing with big pharma!

David DuByneGuest - David DuByne - Sunday 9th June 2019 - David DuByne is the creator of the ADAPT 2030 channel on YouTube and Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast which discusses societal changes as our Earth enters deeper into the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum, a 400-year cycle in our Sun which will affect everyone on our planet due to never ending food price rises and economic downturns. While acting as a coffee buyer in Myanmar's central Shan State David noticed cold weather losses to new plantings, top leaf kill from frost and bean density decrease from below normal temperatures. With the Grand Solar Minimum intensifying, we need to begin discussions on grain yield decreases, jet stream shifts, cloud cover increases with heavier wind & rain events which will bankrupt industries, create food shortages and crush the global economy as food prices triple by 2020-2021. With that said, where is your opportunity in these times of danger?.

Glacia RainGuest - Glacia Rain - Sunday 2nd June 2019 - Glacia Rain is an Intuitive Life Coach and Ascension Guide on a mission to assist in raising the planetary vibration. She is dedicated to aiding others in connecting to their true selves and stepping onto their true path. She started studying natural healing and metaphysical arts at age 16 and began formal training in a variety of transformational healing techniques in 2007. She currently specializes in healing trauma not only from this lifetime but also from past lives as well as ancestral trauma that is passed through the generations. She has the ability to connect with her higher self as well as the higher selves of others with the result of bringing awareness and solutions to long standing issues. She teaches others how to tune in and connect with their higher selves as well as to discover subconscious programs that keep people stuck in negative patterns allowing them to break cycles and progress forward into their souls greatest expression. She has developed multiple workshops and webinars designed to support others in claiming their sovereignty and stepping into their true power as creator beings. She currently lives in Bellingham, WA in the United States and works with thousands of clients around the world.

Richard CumbersGuest - Richard Cumbers - Sunday 26th May 2019 - A motivational speaker, trainer and health practitioner, Richard lived in the Middle East from the age of 13 and worked there and In Asia before returning to the UK. Complimentary medicine was the norm in those parts of the world and belief systems and outlooks where very different from the allopathic drug culture of the West . Richard had some bizarre insights into Quantum mechanics as the seemingly impossible happened every day in a crazy progression as Black Gold drove an ancient society from ‘Camels to helicopters’ in two days. An early career in Information Technology working mainly with communication systems led him to ponder the informational processes within the human body and hence his interest in energetic medicine. Richard has travelled widely, attending conferences, seminars and workshops - learning from many of the leading authorities on energy medicine, natural health and new science that fuse together biology, physics and chemistry; Russellian concepts finally brings understanding to the teachings of spiritual masters through the ages. Richard is the CEO of Pain Genie and 21st Century Energy Medicine, dedicated to giving choice and accelerated healing to their clients. He has been teaching the simplicity of health for the last 10 years , running training courses and seminars in the UK and Europe.

Election SpecialGuest - Election Special - Sunday 19th May 2019 - I am joined by candidates - Ben Gilroy, Jann Van De Ven and Allan Brennan. As some of you are aware, RTE (our state broadcaster) refuse to have a number of independent election candidates on their station. Instead, they are wheeling out the same parasites from the main stream parties. So Circle Of White Light Radio had it's very own election special. We invited on a number of independent candidates who are standing for both local and European election. This was the only air time that they would probably have before the voting takes place on Friday, May the 24th.

Tracie MahanGuest - Tracie Mahan with Guest Co-Host, Siobhan Brady - Sunday 12th May 2019 - Tracie Mahan is a Channel, Psychic Medium, Highly tuned Empath, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, QHHT Practitioner, Family Coach, NLP Practitioner and Reiki Master. For the past two and a half decades she has dedicated herself to her personal path of spiritual and psychic development. Tracie comes from a highly sensitive and intuitive family and has fortified her natural gifts with training and practice enabling her to connect with guides, angels, Ascended Masters, spiritual councils and beyond. In addition to being a clear channel of messages from these realms, her expertise also includes offering clients perspective through looking at past lives to identify important connections with the present incarnation.

Anthony O'Flynn / Ben GilroyGuests - Anthony O'Flynn / Ben Gilroy - Sunday 5th May 2019 - Anthony O’Flynn has embraced the journey of the spiritual path for over 20 years, spending over 2 years of his life in India and is the director of Holistic Yoga & Meditation, a unique spiritual school that integrates numerous modalities. Anthony is also the director of the Paradigm Shift Summit, an alternative conference celebrating the dawning of a new Earth and the awakening of humanity. Anthony’s formal education consists of a BA with an Honors degree in Politics and a Masters in Communications. He also offers awakening sessions to assist individuals on the path of genuine transformation during this profound time of planetary awakening. Anthony’s approach is flavoured by his engaging style, profound knowledge and spirited humour.

Thomas WilliamsGuest - Thomas Williams - Sunday 28th April 2019 - Thomas is the spokesman for the Foundation who are in the process of restoring the wealth of the planet back to the people and the countries which was stolen by the cabal over hundreds of years. Thomas runs his on radio show called The Truth, Honour and Integrity show which he broadcasts every Thursday on the Spreaker platform. He is currently in the process of working with Kim (The trustee of the global accounts) in changing the system to a better way and also helping people to think different, need not greed.

Yoga Lisa TempleGuest - Yoga Lisa Temple - Sunday 21st April 2019 - Lisa Temple is a Mum of two daughters. She has been practicing studying and teaching yoga and meditation for over 25 years and involved in the arena of philosophy, health and wellbeing for almost 27 years. She has worked with Corporate, Aviation, Military and Police. She has many years of experience in understanding the particular working environments that exists in Emergency Response Services and the specific stressors that they face. She has worked extensively with these professions in in Hong Kong, Japan, and Italy. After many years of intense teaching, training, study and practice, she received her Grand Master Certifications in Hatha Yoga and Meditation by Swami Vidyanand, her teacher and renowned founder of Yoga Alliance International and Transformational Yoga. She was appointed Ambassador of the Yoga Alliance International by her teacher Swami Vidyanand. Lisa Has taught all over the World and established her school Olive 3 studio in her home country of Ireland in 2013 has also been appointed as the first TIME meditation training school of the Meditation Alliance International. She has studied and obtained teacher qualifications with some of the most internationally well-respected Masters such as Deepak Chopra, Jyotish Patel and Swami Vidyanand who is the Founder and President Yoga Alliance India, Yoga Alliance Asia – Pacific, Yoga Alliance International and Srima School of Yoga. She is also studied Advanced Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy with Dr. David Frawley founder of The American Institute of Vedic Studies. Her courses are accessible to all levels of fitness and focus on the individual needs of each pupil, bringing balance and harmony to mind body and soul. She has been certified by the Yoga Alliance International to deliver Yoga Teacher Training Courses to 500 level and she has also worked with Advanced Yoga Teachers and skilled professionals to develop applied courses in their own area of professional expertise. Currently, Lisa has trained over 60 teachers. Lisa is truly passionate about the practical application of Yoga to everyday and professional life rather than it just being seen as an escape. Yoga gives us the tools to cope and respond to various situations rather than just living in reaction and flight or flight. Transformational Yoga enables us to detoxify our energy systems in an ever increasingly stressful and fast past world. Lisa is also a qualified Arbitrator and Law and specializes in High Conflict or multi-jurisdictional Divorces. She combines her Yoga and Legal experience and no-nonsense approach to assist couples in achieving a peaceful and economic closure to separation and divorce.

Heather WhiteGuest - Heather White & Guest Co-Host, Siobhan Brady - Sunday 14th April 2019 - Heather is a licensed hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, QHHT Practitioner (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner, Life Between Lives Regressionist, Past Life Regressionist, Spiritual Ascension Coach, and Metaphysical Researcher. After Heather's Awakening she dove straight into learning everything she could about healing and metaphysics. Through the process of healing and discovering her own souls journey she discovered she had spiritual gifts, and abilities not taught in a book. She would find as she was performing reiki sessions for clients that her Guides, Angels, Ancestors, and the Guides, Angels, and Ancestors of her clients would guide her, and assist in healing her clients, and well bring forward important messages and guidance for them. As time went on she would spontaneously remember how to work with energy and healing from other lives and existences on and off this planet, and developed her own special way of doing energy healing. It is through this work and her work doing Quantum Healing Hypnosis she amassed a wealth of knowledge about our planets ascension process, and a deep understanding of how to break through the Matrix, Transform your Life, Heal your Soul, and Find your Purpose!!! You can connect with Heather through her website.

Siobhan BradyGuest - Siobhan Brady - Sunday 7th April 2019 - Siobhan’s spiritual awakening began in Feb 2011 and it was nothing short of a baptism of fire. It happened literally over-night where she went from being a normal mum to hearing God, Angels and passed loved ones speaking to her. This was very exciting but brought also a lot upheaval and sometimes painful but necessary changes to her life. Moving ahead on her path was sometimes very difficult but she persevered with the help and support of her angels. She went on to learn reiki and became a reiki master inside a year and began doing healings and angel card readings. She also trained in reflexology, hopi ear candles, Indian head massage. Now 8 years on, Siobhan teaches psychic and mediumship development classes, all levels of reiki, ama dues shamanic reiki, holds healing circle once a week, takes one to one clients for healings and card readings and continues to study for her own development as she goes along her own path. It is so important to teach and learn as we go so that we are all developing all the time through the great guidance that is there for us all when we tap into it.

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