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Tracie MahanGuest - Tracie Mahan with Guest Co-Hosts, Mandy from THI Ireland and Spiritual Medium, Siobhan Brady - Sunday 19th January 2020 - Tracie is a Channel, Psychic Medium, Highly tuned Empath, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, QHHT Practitioner, Family Coach, NLP Practitioner and Reiki Master. For the past two and a half decades she has dedicated herself to her personal path of spiritual and psychic development. Tracie comes from a highly sensitive and intuitive family and has fortified her natural gifts with training and practice enabling her to connect with guides, angels, Ascended Masters, spiritual councils and beyond. In addition to being a clear channel of messages from these realms, her expertise also includes offering clients perspective through looking at past lives to identify important connections with the present incarnation.

Dr Joe GallenbergerGuests - Thomas Williams / Dr Joe Gallenberger - Sunday 12th January 2020 - Dr Joe Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist with 30 years experience as a therapist. In 1992 he began to investigate psychokinesis (PK), the ability to influence matter - to bend metal and grow seeds in your hand using the energy of directed consciousness. This unique energy is useful in healing and manifestation. Gallenberger scientifically confirmed PK in university laboratories and has taught PK in over 100 workshops such as his Inner Vegas Adventure™ where students achieve dramatic healing, strong influence over dice and slot machines, and many powerful manifestations at home. Gallenberger, a senior trainer at The Monroe Institute, created its popular MC² program to teach PK, energy healing, and manifestation. He developed SyncCreation® a home study course in manifestation. Using the casino as classroom, his book Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance, and Health reveals how mind energized by heart influences our reality. His meditation exercises on CD and as downloads include: The Healing Heart, The Abundant Heart, The Ocean Heart, The Forgiving Heart, Liquid Luck, Abundance Waterfall, Partner’s Meditation and Manifesting with Hemi-Sync. With the Liquid Luck exercise people immediately reported receiving money from unexpected sources, winning lottos and raffles, selling houses in a hour, having businesses take off, solving intractable problems and receiving brilliant ideas for inventions. His book Liquid Luck: The Good Fortune Handbook shares these extraordinary stories. He covers how happiness, gratitude compassion, praise, love and feeling fortunate are essential to powerful abundance creation. He shows us that we can indeed be miracle workers in our own lives. Gallenberger's newest book, Heaven is for Healing: A Soul's Journey After Suicide shows that all death leads to light. A dynamic heart driven speaker, Joe is in demand internationally as a workshop presenter. He has been a guest on more than a hundred radio shows, including eight appearances on Coast to Coast Am and four on New Thinking Allowed.

David AshGuest - David Ash - Sunday 5th January 2020 - David was born near London, in 1948, began the Vortex theory at Queens University of Belfast in 1968 and continued at London University 1969 to 1972 and then Post Grad in Plymouth, 1973/74. On January 15th 1975 David presented his vortex theory at the Royal Institution in London then continued to develop the theory until it was published (with Peter Hewitt) as The Vortex: Key to Future Science by Gateway books in 1990. Then he set out on an international lecture tour 1991-94 using his Vortex theory to explain ascension. In 1995 the College of Psychic Studies published The New Science of the Spirit, which included a prediction of the accelerating expansion of the Universe, subsequently confirmed experimentally by Saul Perlmutter in 1997 who received a Nobel Prize in 2011. The vortex theory was republished as The New Physics of Consciousness by Kima Global Publishing of Cape Town, in 2007, and again as The Vortex Theory in 2015 and AWAKEN in 2018. As well as being a pioneering physicist and metaphysician, David is a nutritionist, ceremonialist and singer songwriter. He is a father of nine and grandfather to fourteen.

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